28 Hours Later

I had occasion this morning to drive right by where I took my Photo Finish Friday shot yesterday, and given today was bright and sunny I thought I’d take a couple more shots. So here are images using the polaroid camera from my Retro Camera App I downloaded to my phone, from essentially the same spot as yesterday morning.


Here’s a shot using the regular camera the phone has.

Looks okay, but I think the image quality looks better retro, at least in trying to present an interesting image. If I wanted a crisp image, I’d use my “real” camera, because this straight-up shot from the cell phone just doesn’t do it for me. People who say cell phones are going to make digital cameras obsolete obviously don’t care about good pictures. Even my small, inexpensive point-and-shoot crushes this for quality.

When I grow up I want a pro camera. Maybe I should knock off a gas station or something.

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