45 Seconds of Stink

Was up way too late last night (as in 3:00 AM) laying down vocal tracks for the AMERICAN FALCON record we’re working on. I posted this picture before I left of the essential tools I would be taking with me to get the job done. We had quite a bit of fun and got a lot of work done. We’ll see how much we actually keep, though I expect most of it will survive. Here’s 45 seconds of groove from the basic tracks before we threw vocals on this tune. You hear “metal band” when you hear this stuff? No, neither do I. . . .

http://vimeo.com/30995559 w=604&h=400

Can’t wait for it to be finished.

3 thoughts on “45 Seconds of Stink

  1. G

    Nope. No metal when I heard that clip. Did hear perhaps influences of Jimi Hendrix in a few of the triplets being played.

    Or Stone Roses.


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