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>While catching up, I see that Patia hit me with one of those meme things. I’m going to take the route that Rebecca took and break the rules a little bit. First, the first batch of 7 is albums I’ve listened to recently, since I’m not at all a “song” person.

Lazerwolfs – La Bruja
Judas Priest – Nostradamus
The Mother Truckers – Let’s All Go to Bed
Man Raze – Surreal
Rush – Snakes and Arrows Live
The Gates of Slumber – Conqueror
Fu Manchu – Go For It Live

This next batch is supposed to be albums I was into 10 years ago. I have no idea what those would be, as I was into a lot of the stuff then as I am now, since I tend to live in the past a little when it comes to music. So I did a search of albums released in 1998 that I know I bought. I asterisked the two I still have and/or listen to.

KISS – Psycho Circus *
Lenny Kravitz – 5
R.E.M. – Up
Monster Magnet – Powertrip *
Garbage – Version 2.0
Alanis Morissette – Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie
The Presidents of the USA – Pure Frosting

As for tagging 5 other people, I don’t think there are 5 people who look at this stuff that haven’t already done it!

6 thoughts on “>7 + 7

  1. Chris

    >I don’t even know what “NKOTB” is!Mother Truckers are from Austin. Their bass player is a friend of mine (and Julia’s). He used to play guitar in a great band called Southern Gun Culture. He’s a great guy. I wish this band would come to Missoula!I don’t know nothin’ about no cheese fries.

  2. Patia

    >NKOTB = New Kids On The Block. Like you don’t know that! :-)Cheese fries = from the Mother Trucker truck parked at the corner of Higgins and Spruce Friday and Saturday nights. After a night of bar-hopping, nothing’s better.

  3. Chris

    >Ah, New Kids, okay. No, they never made my listening experience.I’ll have to keep my eyes open for that truck. I must not get out much.


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