>8th Week in a Row

>This is getting a little old. This is the 8th week straight of travel for work, and it really isn’t that fun anymore. I flew into Milwaukee, then drove about 40 minutes down just inside Illinois. Here’s home away from home.

Not only that, but I’m pretty sure this particular trip is going to be a pain in the ass. At least the people I’m working with have been so far; hopefully they will be cooler in person. Think I’ll just read a bit, then call it a night.

4 thoughts on “>8th Week in a Row

  1. Chris

    >About three takes.Rebecca, knowing how you feel about “smells” I suspect I am in the midst of what would be hell for you. First off, my rental car smells like the worst air freshener imaginable. And b, the place I am working at makes sausage casings, so there is this overwhelming stench of really strong, kinda smoky, fake sausage wrap thing going on. It’s making my head hurt.


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