A Few Brief Observations on a Day Spent in Tulsa

The guy whose office I shared today had right wing, “Conservative” hate radio playing all day. Holy shit. I wouldn’t want to listen to people I like and agree with piss and moan for eight hours straight, let alone people who are clearly, clearly, off their rockers. And that’s all it was — pissing and moaning. If people listen to that, no wonder so many folks are so angry all the time. It was quite the experience; one I hope never to repeat again.


A headline on the cover of the Urban Tulsa Weekly newspaper: “Breast Brawl. A battle between moms and coffee shops reaches the nipping point.” That’s just obscene. There is an editor who should be ashamed of him/herself.


While I was en route, this little bit of Tulsa Noir went down. The way things have been going, I’m surprised it all didn’t happen right when I was wandering through town.


There’s a walking/biking trail on the other side of the highway from where I’m staying. At a couple points it goes under some overpasses, and this morning I spied a couple makeshift homeless shelters tucked up underneath. Here’s a shot of a helpful message painted on the sidewalk.


Remember, sometimes the getaway driver wins.



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