A First For Everything

Last week I was working from a site in Southern Indiana. The customer opted to order out to a local sandwich joint for lunch. When the food arrived, we stopped working and broke out our little styrofoam boxes. I ordered a club sandwich. It came with a pickle spear and a small bag of Lay’s Classic.

One of the guys I was working with was particularly impressed that I was from Montana. He said he’d never met anyone from there before. As we were eating, he nods at my sandwich and says, “You probably don’t get a lot of these in Montana, do you?”

I look at my sandwich, then at him. I make a gesture with it and say, “A lot of these?”

He nods. “Yeah, what do you guys eat up there?”

I frown, glancing again at my sandwich to see if there is something special I’ve missed, then look at him again, puzzled.

“I mean, is there anything food-wise you’re particularly known for?”

I just shrug and say, “Well, pretty much anything we can run off a cliff first we’ll eat.”

That generated a decent laugh (and it’s a line I’ve used before in jest) but I was still surprised. Of all the weird ideas people have had about Montana, beyond simply not knowing where it is, this was the first food-related episode I’ve encountered. They also asked how far I had to travel to get to an airport, something I’m asked quite often. This time I answered that it depended on the season, since in winter I must get there by dogsled, canoe in the spring runoff, horseback in the summer, etc.


10 thoughts on “A First For Everything

    1. Chris Post author

      Hell, we may as well NOT be allowed to vote for the president for all the power our vote has out of this state. Elections anymore are only about a handful of states anyway.

  1. David Cranmer

    Too funny, Chris. Reminds me years ago when I lived in Maine but working in Texas someone asked me if we had the Sopranos HBO show up north. He was serious and I as stunned.

  2. Richard

    Hey, I thought you guys “from there” ate Elk soup, bitter roots and berries, when you could fight off the bears for them.

    By the way, Chris, I’m running a meme right now about rock ‘n’ roll on my blog. Drop in, hey?


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