>A Helliana of a New Year

>Sid’s band HELLIANA played the Missoula Public Library for their “Happy New Year!” party. After hearing them bang away in the basement all day I was a little burned out, but the show was actually a lot of fun. They were sloppy but high octane; I’m pretty sure they enjoyed the hell out of it. Here’s me before the show started, after I’d helped set up their gear and stuff, trying to look inconspicuous while being the oldest person there.

I tried filming one of their songs with my camera; it didn’t turn out too bad at all.

They attempted a cover of Judas Priest’s “Breaking the Law” though they just learned it today. It wasn’t too bad, if a little sloppy. I sat in front of Dustin and mouthed the words for him. I like to think I helped.

Here are a few more pictures. The last one is Sid’s friend Rob dressed up as “Leatherface” for their song, “Leatherface”; It is pretty funny — he does a good job staggering around. I get a kick out of their enthusiastic metalness.

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