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>Don’t Hate Us Because We’re Beautiful

LAZERWOLFS are featured in an Independent article courtesy of my friend, Bob Wire. It’s pretty cool. The print edition photo takes up like a 3rd of the page. I guarantee that’s the first time Witchfinder General has ever entered into the Indy as well, even if it was courtesy only of the patch on my bitchin’ rock vest. We’re pretty stoked about it.

Fritos Smell Makes We Want to Vomit

Ever have a bad experience with a type of food that, down the road, even the smell of it will make you want to hurl? My personal one is corn nuts. I ate too many one time when I was just a little punk and hurled, and now I can’t abide them. Same with candy corn. God, just thinking of the smell of candy corn makes me want to upchuck.

Well, Sid was just in here looming over me, munching on and talking through a mouthful of fritos. The smell is lingering, and it’s making me nauseous.

Speaking of Sid. . . .

Last week ended with me raving over some Parental Indignation. I’ve been asked about it, and no, I have not accosted his teacher with vengeful tongue or heavy brick. Sid turned in his original poster intact, with all the blood blocked by little tags he made that said, “Censored.” No word yet on the outcome; the teacher displayed all the posters to the class today, clicking through each one, but did not have a comment re: his before moving on. We’ll see how this little drama plays out.


Great post over at Guerrilla News Network (one of my favorite sites out there — more to come on that via my next New West piece) re: the whole battle between Clinton and Obama. I read an article somewhere that summed up how “x”percentage of white men won’t vote for Hillary because she’s a woman, and “y” percentage of white men won’t vote for Barack because he’s a black man. Makes a guy really happy to be a white man, eh?I wish I looked as Ojibwa as I actually am; “white male” is a demographic I ain’t proud of when I read crap like that. I encounter a ton of racism and misogyny all the time, but based on my experiences I think misogyny remains far more rampant. The attacks on Hillary, and the way she is treated and portrayed in the media, are sickening (not that Obama is getting a free ride either, but attacks on Hillary just seem more vicious to me; maybe it’s because people feel more free to attack women than they do to attack a black man). However, I can’t bring myself to vote for her. I mean, I would if it came down to her vs. McBush, but I just don’t trust her. This entire election is really bumming me out. And Chris Mathews is a dick.

There Was One More Thing

. . . but now I don’t remember what it was. Be nice to each other.

3 thoughts on “>A Little Randomness”

  1. >You are probably tuning your guitar right now or something.OMG CANDY CORN ME TOO!!!I puked down the slide one Halloween when I was 5 and have hated the stuff ever since.I like the “censored” tags. Good job, Sid.The attacks on Hillary ARE more vicious because women aren’t allowed to be powerful in this culture. They can be sexy, maternal or invisible.

  2. >People have this sick, obsessive hatred of Hillary. It goes beyond disliking her politics and policies (like you, I’m not crazy about either), to this twisted personal dislike that I think is entirely based on her vagina. She wants power, she’s unafraid to pursue it, and that fact alone exposes a lot of people’s deeply-rooted misogyny.

  3. >Hillary carries a big load of Bill into the battle and many who follow liberal politics feel betrayed by Bill and figure she will follow in his footsteps with the “Politics of the Possible”. On the Right side are a whole posse of misogynists who can barely tolerate Condilesa in spite of her total subservience George. We are caught between tossing the Dems into the shit pit that George and company made and watching them struggle trying to correct it while the republicans fight their every move and eventually hang the blame on them and watching some republican just make it bigger and deeper while we slog our way to being crispy critters

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