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Buzzo-7Last week I was fortunate to publish an interview in the Independent with one of my favorites, Buzz Osbourne of the band (the) Melvins. He’s the guitar player/singer/primary songwriter for the band. I had interviewed him once before, back in 2008, when the band was touring behind their Nude With Boots record. The guy is a great interview, very smart, and endlessly quotable. The word counts on these articles don’t allow nearly enough.

This time around he is doing a solo acoustic tour. I have the CD, This Machine Kills Artists, dig it, and was very curious to see what it was like live. I was able to get on the guest list (one of the occasional, although rare, perks of the Indy freelance gig) with a +1, and Sid went with me.

The show was fantastic. Buzz totally changed my idea about what a lone guy playing an acoustic can do. No merely standing in front of the mic, or sitting in a chair . . . he was an energetic and constantly moving performer, just like in the fully amped up Melvins environment. It was a revelation. I liked it way more than I thought I would. The performance was HEAVY, and his stories between batches of songs were hilarious. There are plenty other people out there doing the singer/songwriter thing, and doing it well. But they ain’t doing it like Buzz is, which really shouldn’t be a surprise for anyone who knows anything about his musical history. I couldn’t have been more pleased.




Adam Faucett

Also of note was the dude who opened the show, a more traditional singer/songwriter from Arkansas named Adam Faucett. Man, he was fantastic too, delivering the kinds of goods Steve Earle thinks he does. A great and powerful voice and some gorgeous songwriting too. I was mightily impressed with his stuff. Bought his latest record on vinyl, a CD of his previous record, and tipped him an additional $10. I’ll be singing his praises to whomever will listen, believe me.

adam-5 adam-8

I’m happy that I got a few decent images out of it. The light at the Palace sucks, and I’m a shitty music photographer because I’d rather be rocking out than taking pictures, but it all worked out in the end. All in all, a pretty swell way to spend a Monday night in the Big City.




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