>A Turn for the Worse

>When I arrived in Wichita last night, it was calm and 50 degrees. By this afternoon the temperature had plummeted, the wind was blowing, and it was snowing. I had originally planned to spend my evening by leaving the customer site, then heading down to a gym I passed a few miles back up the highway. On account of the weather I chose not to (the weather, and the fact that it feels like the front end of my rental car is about 80% hosed), and I’m glad, because I was just out a little while ago to drive about a 1/2 mile to a restaurant to have some dinner, and it is one slick mofo out there. I’d upload some pictures, but 1) I forgot the cable that attaches my camera to my laptop, and B) I didn’t have my camera with me when I was out and about. I did take a few pictures of the “server room” aka “closet” I inhabited all day today. It was one of those cluttered messes I encounter once in a while. I don’t see how people can function like that. I’m no neat freak, but when my workspace — and that could be my desk, my nightstand, or the jam room — starts getting too disorderly it kinda stresses me out.

In case you’re wondering, though, skipping the gym I had planned to visit does not mean I skipped a workout this evening, though I really tried to talk myself into doing so. This hotel has a lame little fitness room, but the first time I went up someone was on the treadmill, and that is about all they have. So I waited a while and went up again, and someone else was on it. That’s when I got pissed, but rather than say to-hell-with-it I decided to go up and down the three flights of steps for 30 minutes. That thoroughly kicked my ass.

After dinner I logged on to see what my “doom buddies” (as Sid calls them) at Hellride were up to and saw a post about the whole Tom Cruise Scientology video thing. Have you seen this video? The dude is out there; if nothing else, his awful black turtleneck is a dead giveaway. Clearly I am feeling a little giddy with cabin fever, because a couple posts in the Comments section literally had me nigh blacking out I was laughing so hard. At one point Tom talks about not being able to take vacations because he always feels responsible to be helping people instead, and he says he’d like to “romp and play” like other people do. This comment took me down hard:

Wow, he really doesn’t do well without a script- all the nonsensical bursts of laughter, the knee-slapping, the hand motions? If there’s anything better than 9 straight minutes of hearing the Mission Impossible theme on loop, it’s hearing Tom say he wishes he could “romp and play”. When I heard that I had an image of him dressed as Little Lord Fauntleroy prancing around in a garden.

I started giggling again just cutting and pasting that. Little Lord Fauntleroy? :snort: Next, after someone mentioned Tom didn’t sound any different that the 700 Club yahoos, someone laid this gem on me:

You’re right. Crazy Scientologist Tom is better than Crazy Christian Tom. Although, I would like to see Crazy Christian Tom fight Chuck Norris for the love of Mike Huckabee.

Damn, either that is some hilarious stuff or I am sleep deprived. Don’t worry about me finding constructive ways to fill my time, though, I have 10+ hours of unwatched KISSOLOGY — VOLUME 3 with me. Oh yeah. . . .

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