Ace Frehley

Hey, just because I’ve hardly posted this week doesn’t mean I haven’t been busy!

Ace Frehley Wrap-Up

I just posted my wrap-up article on the Ace Frehley experience over at New West. You can dig it here. If I get some more photos (I’m expecting a disc full in the mail, and maybe even some video) I’ll upload, but for now this should be it. Here are a few shots:

The Set List

The Boy, the Legend, and the Grinning Idiot:

Ace’s Band — Scot Coogan (Drums), Derrek Hawkins (Guitar), and Anthony Esposito (Bass) — and a Couple Rock Dudes:

Ace, Photographed By a Guy Right Beside Me:

Finally, Ace with a Couple Other Guys on Their Farewell (?) Tour:

Thanks everyone for bearing with me through all this. It was friggin’ awesome.

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  1. >Wow….I hope I don’t offend when I say that it doesn’t appear he’s particularly thrilled to have been photographed with you guys. Ya know, that’s the thing with jaded old rockers, they lose touch with the importance of the moment for the people around them. Would it really have been too much to ask for a smile instead of an irritated frown? From a guy who spent much of his professional career (as you point out here visually) carrying on a pretend artifice anyway? Would he have acted differently if you two had been 18-year old girls? These are the things that make me lose reverence for the people I once worshipped……

  2. >No offense taken!I think just about every picture I’ve seen of Ace these days he has that look on his face. I know every person I’ve heard of all over that has waited outside of venues and stuff says he just gets hustled by without stopping, so I don’t think face to face is his favorite thing to do. He was gracious when I asked, so I don’t think it was that big of a deal. The other thing is just moments before, some other guy had come in and said, “I always wondered what you looked like without makeup, and now I know!” and Ace said, somewhat irritably, “What do you mean, I’ve done three solo albums without makeup!” While we were there, his band got him up off the couch to take a picture with them with the local tattoo guy who had done work for all of them that day; in that photo he’s showing the thumbs-up, but has pretty much the same look on his face.I think that’s the paradox of Ace. People have always said that when he wasn’t loaded he seemed like a guy that just wanted to be left alone. He was a lot friendlier than he looks.

  3. >I came across your article on the New West website because I am a Trews fan and Google Alerts sent me a link to your article. First, I want to tell you how glad I am that you got to meet Ace; having been a fan of rock music since I was 12 (which was a long, long time ago), I know what it’s like to finally be able to meet the person who got you into it in the first place. So congrats to you!Secondly, I’m glad you liked the Trews. I live in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and went to Milwaukee and Detroit to see them open for Ace, and the folks around me in the Milwaukee crowd were awful. They got a great overall reception but the people near me scared the crap out of me; the Detroit bunch was much better. I think they made fans at both shows!Anyway, just wanted to blabber about the Trews, and thank you for the kind words about them. It’s been hard to find them on this Ace tour!

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