>All of Missoula is Sunburned

>Yesterday was a gorgeous day, and hot — especially considering not so many days ago it still felt like winter ’round these parts! We were out and about a little in the evening, and everyone we saw had that roasted, been-in-the-sun-all-day look about them. I don’t know what the temperature was, but it had to push the record high of 85, which was set in 1973. Take a look at the 10-day forecast:

Nice to see that in a week it’s supposed to be about 50 de-friggin’-grees colder. That’s Montana for you, though. I don’t mind. It’s too early to be this hot. My yard looks like hell already. Thing is, I want to totally change it, as described in this book that I got yesterday, Edible Estates: Attack on the Front Lawn.

My goal this year is to exchange some failing grass areas for regional, low water ground cover, some edible plants, etc. We’ll see how that goes.

Of course I don’t really care what the weather here is like next weekend, because I will be in beautiful Moab, UT, hiking, biking, and doing a whole lot of nothin’. It’s supposed to be high-70’s/low-80s out there. I can’t wait! Here’s a shot near Moab:

Did the first climb of the year up the back of Mt. Sentinel yesterday, and it was awesome. I too got pretty sun-marked. With my sunglasses, it makes me realize just how lame using just a domino mask would be for a superhero. Think about it — the Lone Ranger is supposed to be out in the sun all day chasing badguys. How obvious would that mask be when he goes out on the town for some soirée as John Reid (some versions of the story name him “Dan Reid”) and he looks like I do about now? Chicks wouldn’t dig him, and everyone would be on to him. What a glaring plot hole.

As for the hike, it was awesome. And it was about the easiest it’s ever been, which means some of the working out BS has paid off. I’m not even sore today. I am sore that the goddamn lawnmower that I bought last year seems to have failed; when the wheels turn the blade is supposed to spin, and it ain’t spinnin’. I’m going to have to get it fixed, but meanwhile I will probably have to borrow one today to get the job done. This blog post exists because I am putting that task off.

Anyway, here are a couple shots from the top of Mt. Sentinel yesterday:

8 thoughts on “>All of Missoula is Sunburned”

  1. >You know, even though I was in the sun all day, I’m always rosy red like that. Just in case I was one of those roasted people you were referring to.

  2. >Rebecca, I’m always so shocked when I see someone I know that I didn’t notice if you were sunburned or not. Chalk that up to years of living places where I never saw anyone I knew; now in Missoula it seems like every other face is someone I recognize, so I wander around in a semi-dazed state.Most of the people I was remarking about we saw later that evening. We went to Thai Spicy and were watching people come in and out as well as out on the street, then stood in line with a lot of red faces at Big Dipper.And Moab — yeah, I’m stoked. I’ve driven through a couple times but never got to linger. I’m really looking forward to it.

  3. >It’s multiple post day for me–largely because I can’t remember what I wanted to say until after I click on “publish your comment”.Anywho–are you doing any hiking in Arches? I visited it four years ago; my favorite hikes were the ones through the red sand up the narrow, twisting canyons in the area around the Furnace. Er, Devil’s Furnace? Fiery Furnace? Someplace called that.

  4. >I had a waffle cone with a scoop of strawberry and a scoop of Maple Walnut. Mmmmm. . . .As for Moab, definitely plan to do some hiking. Fiery Furnace sounds awesome. You know I will report back!

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