Always Carry a Camera

Yesterday I was driving out to my folks’ place to do a little work around their back forty. I always carry a camera when I head out there, you know, just because. Deer are abundant. Sometimes the elk herd is in the neighborhood. This particular trip I was keeping my eyes peeled for the gang of wild turkeys that reside in the area. About a mile from my destination, there were a couple vehicles alongside of the road, with a few people standing on the shoulder looking up into the trees. Via retro camera, the view was something like this:

“Is that a lion up there?” I asked as I exited my truck. Indeed it was. You can see it yourself up in the crotch of a couple branches there. Or, here are a couple better looks:

He was just hanging out, watching us. One of the guys standing there said he’d gone down over the bank because he thought there was a deer carcass someone had hit, when all of a sudden the lion came out of the bushes right at him and went up the tree. The critter looks pretty young; hope he got away alive. When I was back through there a couple hours later there were no spectators and the tree was empty.¬†These pics are on full zoom and I futzed around enhancing them a little — I’m going to clean them up a little when I figure out how to do it. Still, that’s one cool animal. He could easily tear any one of you a new one if you crossed his path when he was feeling surly.

Never a dull moment in the wild, wild west, people. Don’t forget it.

Meanwhile, once the excitement had ebbed, I rolled a big roll of prickly farm output into one side of the open barn area:

. . . to serve as a windbreak to keep these critters warmer as winter bears down. Not sure these beasts deserve it, though.

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