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Now that the friggin’ super bowl is over, maybe I can stop hearing about it. I say with pride that I did not choose to watch a single down of the NFL this year. Yeah, I saw some when at restaurants and a game was on, but that was more distraction than anything else. And yeah, I had the Yahoo updater thing on for the final moments when it was down to the wire, but that was as much bored distraction as anything else too. What amuses, and annoys, me, is the degree of hyperbole that gets rolled into this. All the debate about the Patriots being the “Greatest Team Ever” or “Greatest Sports Team Ever of Any Sport, All Time!” I’m not even going to bother to link those stories, if you care enough you’ve already read them. Then of course there were the stories about if they lose, it would be the “Greatest Upset Ever!” or “Greatest Upset Ever of Any Sport, All Time!” Phhvvvvvt. Whatever.

It happens in the music world as well. Here is the first line from a band biography for a band that sent my band a friend request on MySpace:

Combining intense incendiary live shows that will leave you open-mouthed in awe. . . .

Please. I realize jaded bastards like me aren’t their target audience, but whatever. I haven’t seen anything music-related that left me “open-mouthed with awe” in ages, if ever. I’m not so jaded that I can’t see something that I think is really cool, but “in awe” is an emotion usually reserved for when I witness someone doing something really stupid. I giggled all through the Skeletonwitch show just because it was so freakin’ over the top. And High on Fire gave me a fantastic pummeling. But neither of those bands left me in awe.

And since I am bitching, “amazing” is the most over-used adjective in the world these days. When I hear something is amazing, I almost feel like I have to think it sucks just on principle. I’m sure someone somewhere this morning referred to the skiff of fresh snow on the ground as being in some way amazing. I hope the person who heard them say that kicked them in the shin.

One final gripe, now that I have a full head of steam. When writers throw in the word “well” unnecessarily. I don’t mean something like, “I am going to throw my editor into the deepest, darkest well.” I mean when they say something like, “My editor is really, well, annoying.” That makes me want to gouge my eyes out (not, “that makes me want to, well, gouge my eyes out”)! I actually read an interview in the new New West preview magazine where the writer used that technique and it almost ruined the entire reading experience for me. That annoyance is up there with ending a sentence with multiple exclamation points, or when people speak in such a way that every sentence ends in a question. As in, “I hate to sound a little negative? I don’t usually bitch about stuff so much? But sometimes things just rub me the wrong way?” Gah!!!!

There Will Be Blood

Went and saw this movie Sunday. We chose a matinée, thinking it would be a good time because everyone would be watching the super bowl. Good idea, bad timing. Not only did we not realize the super bowl didn’t start until later, but we also didn’t realize that goddamn Hannah Montana movie thing started this weekend, so we had to wait in a line of parents taking their kids to that. I don’t have anything against that whole thing (besides it being an evil corporate-driven enterprise that seeks to enslave the souls of all of our young children and get them to buy more and more useless junk while listening to shitty music on their good-for-a-year-then-throw-it-away MP3 player of choice), but I sure hope that girl doesn’t end up on the cover of People magazine someday after a young adulthood of booze-fueled coke benders. We’ve had enough of that.

The movie (“There Will Be Blood” in case you lost track) was good. The last 15 minutes or so probably keeps it from being great, at least in my mind. I knew very little about it, didn’t even know it was based on Upton Sinclair’s “Oil.” Daniel Day Lewis definitely deserves the best actor award. Not only is his performance brilliant, but he’s in every freakin’ scene. That takes some effort, and he nails it. Worth seeing for that alone.

In closing, I will point out that this Amazing beast really was The Best Dog Ever:

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  1. >This post was, well, amazing!!!!Ha ha ha.I think this Sunday might just be the day to see There Will Be Blood. Hopefully, the Hannah Montana crowd will have died down by then. Or was that an one-time show?

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