Another Trip to Chicago

Back in the Chicago area for the second week in a row. Don’t know that that’s never happened before. Here are a few images all taken with the cell phone camera.

My chariot awaits at the Missoula airport.
I shared the flight with the lovely Rose McGowan. She was rumored to star in THIS movie, but is actually in THIS ONE!
Up above the Wasatch Range, Utah
Gen Con — my youthful D&D fan heart would happily follow you there!

The blurry type of cell phone picture I hate, but had to take this crowd shot while waiting for a chance to feast at Kuma’s Corner, with my buddy Kent Gowran. I ate the Black Oak Arkansas burger.
Morning came all too early.

Glad I don’t deal with this kind of traffic every day.
Where I was working this week.
Had dinner and a couple beers at a sports bar, watching the Chicago Bulls in the Eastern Conference Finals.
This is a guerrilla picture of the dude next to me. He was living and dying with every play.

Wandered back to the hotel at half time, and here I am….

5 thoughts on “Another Trip to Chicago”

  1. >I've always wanted to go to Chicago. The airports are as close as I've gotten. Someday I'm going to have to do the whole Ferris Bueller thing there.

  2. >John, Chicago is one of my favorite cities. It's really worth visiting.Elizabeth, the BOA was every bit as good as one would think it would be. And the fries too — the fresh cut kind with the skin still on, which is my favorite. Fantastic beer list too. Kuma's is a win all the way around. Plus I was in great company.

  3. >Great to see you again, Chris. Kuma's is definitely worth a return visit or 20, but then, it is my favorite place on earth, so I am biased.

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