Art, Fire, and Rock

Before I go on, I wanted to mention last First Friday and Julia’s big painting debut. Turnout was kinda lame, given it was a holiday, which we kind of expected. But it was still a lot of fun. My mom came out and hung out with us, as did my friend Charles Martin, with some other friends dropping in and out. We played a little music and had a good time. Here are a couple of her painting hanging up @ Bernice’s (Sid was the model for the first one, if that isn’t obvious, and that really cracks me up):

I was pretty much going to leave the tour stuff in the past on this blog, but I have one more post then I am going to subject both of you to before letting it go. I know if I was a good Missoulian I’d be talking about Mt. Sentinel going up in smoke, but that has been covered much better elsewhere. Still, I have my obligatory picture, taken from my front yard around 8 PM or so last night:

And here is another shot from the yard 2 hours later:

Tour Shenanigans
Now for the tour. I filmed a little bit here and there, but not much, then thought I lost the discs . . . which I found the other day, so I uploaded a couple clips to YouTube. Nothing world-beating, but I’m happy to have a little documentation of our trip with Sid. Anyway, here is some stuff to amuse you, if only to make you get a kick out of how a group of doofuses like us managed to find our way out and back!

Bust a Move Out

This clip is actually before the show at The Corral Room in Madison. We walked in and wondered if we were in the right place. Kinda jazzy stuff playing, and it was in this weird little basement joint that seemed like a wine bar or something. Everyone was all dressed up, drinking wine from fancy glasses with their pinkies sticking out, you know? Sid is trying to act all badass . . . and failing.

La Media

Here’s a clip of us playing La Media at Big V’s in Minnesota:

The Saga of Quiet Storm

This next one has a backstory. On our drive to Fargo, we stopped somewhere and Jimmy bought some Powerade or something, the flavor of which was called “Quiet Storm.” He got in the van and pointed it out, and said it was like Sid, who pretty much just sat in the back and didn’t say much. The joke – which of course was hilarious to us – was that he was quietly raging inside, and would then explode. So for the tour, his name – which I introduced him as from the stage – became Quiet Storm.

He retaliated. He drew this picture in Fargo of his bandmates:

Then, each night he would customize our set lists with drawings. Jimmy became “The Drunken Shredder” (he always accuses Jimmy of being drunk, and fast guitar players are often called “shredders”), and I became “Hairy Thunderfingers.” Our friends in the Vibrolas saw our custom set lists with drawings and thought it was hilarious. This next clip references all that.

Tuning = Stand-up Comedy . . . or Not

Here’s what happens when we have to stop playing to change tuning. Stupid shit. Less talk, more rock are words to live by:

The Deed Will Be Done

Live from Big V’s in Minnesota. Sid delivering the goods pretty well for being just a little fella.

At our last show with the Vibrolas, Sid drew this caricature of the band, which they loved, and now have on their MySpace page:


Here we are, just before parting ways with them:

Good times, indeed.

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  1. >Quiet Storm reminds me of when we went to see Dances With Wolves way back in the day. Afterwards, the family joke was that my dad’s Indian name was Breaks Wind.

  2. >Dude, that is so cool that you guys banged out a tour. Killer. And hey, sorry about the Journey thing. I should have told you you would have hated it.

  3. >Thanks, man. Really, though, I thought I might like it because I love Schon’s guitar playing. And it had its moments. It was worth the risk.

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