Images From Yellowstone

Spent a long Labor Day weekend in Yellowstone National Park last weekend. Wish I were still there. Didn’t take a lot of pictures — so much of the park is too overwhelming for photos, in my opinion — but here are a few. As always, click to make bigger!

Fish fear her.

Old Faithful, in repose
Where to Abide in West Yellowstone

Indian Creek, our base of operations


Bull Elk in Yellowstone

Saw this mighty wapiti bedded down just off the road on our way to Mammoth for supplies on the evening of our arrival. On our way back to our base at Indian Creek Campsite, he was up and around. Impressive animal, indeed. Try and ignore the background noises from the other 10-15 people watching him . . . and wondering if he was a moose, deer, or elk.



Tahoe Time

When I dumped my Tumblr account, one of the other blogs I was following there that I made certain to add to my Google reader was from a guy from Wyoming named KC O’Connor. I love the stuff he posts and the adventures he reports on. This timelapse video from Lake Tahoe that I stole from him is a perfect example why. Expand this thing to full screen (by clicking the little icon next to where it says HD that has arrows jutting out to each corner) and prepare to be blown away. I’ve been to Tahoe a couple times; this makes me want to go back, pronto.