Been a Long Time Running


I think the last post I made here I apologized for being lame about posting, and that I would be doing so more frequently . . . and that was a month ago! But I really feel I need to make a priority on updating here, for no other reason than that the discipline is good for me. I still hit tumblr quite a bit, but that isn’t really blogging; mostly just pictures I post straight from my phone, or reposts of things other people have posted. So you can always see what I’m up to there. Same with Facebook, though that pretty much just gets what tumblr gets.

I do have an excuse, though. As I’ve mentioned before, I travel a lot for my day job, and it got crazy busy in March. Since about the middle of March, I’ve been to the following places (or at least these are the airports I’ve flown into, then driven somewhere within an hour or two of, in some cases):

  • Sacramento, CA
  • Seattle, WA/Portland, OR
  • Atlanta, GA
  • San Diego, CA
  • Boston, MA
  • Rock Hill, SC
  • San Jose, CA
  • Indianapolis, IN
  • Seattle, WA/Vancouver, BC
  • Birmingham, AL

That’s a lot of travel, by any measure. Makes it hard to keep up on a lot of the stuff I enjoy. My workout routine has suffered, my writing has suffered, maintenance around the house has suffered, etc. But I do get to read a lot. And I see parts of the country I normally wouldn’t, and get to meet people I may not otherwise. So there is some sweet in the bitter, but all in all . . . it can be tiresome. I’m home this week and next to catch up on some stuff (because work trips tend to generate office work as well, and I’ve fallen behind on some of that stuff), then I’m off to Buffalo, NY and someplace in Wisconsin as well. And I think I have to go back to California soon too. In other words, no sign of letting up. So I haven’t just been slacking off, believe me!

I’ve taken quite a few pictures but haven’t done much to process anything but stuff I’ve done with Instagram. Who knows if/when I’ll get to those, but even some of the Instagram stuff has turned out okay. I’ve thought about putting together a little gallery of shots from these trips; we’ll see if that happens or not.

Keep your eyes here. Hopefully I won’t be such a stranger. And drop a comment if you’re still checking in.

They all start out at Missoula International….


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    1. Chris Post author

      Yeah, there’s that too. Interestingly, my employer is actually in Ohio. Sidney, OH, just north of Dayton, though I’ve only been back there once in the last 7-8 years or so. I only ever see any of my co-workers only about every 12-18 months or so. That’s a real plus too, heh.


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