Before We Get Started, Does Anyone Want to Get Out?

Since I’m talking movies today, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention this one. People who are relatively new to reading stuff I post may not know I have a solid background in love for comic books, adventure novels, big budget summer blockbuster movies, etc. When the first Captain America movie came out a couple years ago, my anticipation for it was immense. The guy has been my favorite superhero since I was a little kid, up there with Batman. The movie didn’t disappoint, nor did the movie that gathered all these different Marvel characters together in epic fashion, The Avengers.

The trailer for the second Captain America movie just came out last week. I bet I’ve watched it ten times. Dig this:

I can’t freakin’ wait. It looks like elements of the Winter Soldier storyline from the comics, as well as the Civil War and Secret Avengers storylines. There are some references to scenes from the comics that just tickle me to death; the one referenced in this post’s title in particular.

Now, I’m not a big birthday guy. But this sucker is released on my next birthday, and there aren’t too many things in the world that would be capable of keeping my fat ass out of a seat at first opportunity. Midnight showing is highly likely, in fact.

Say what you want about this stuff. Be too cool, too sophisticated, too serious, whatever. The day I stop having fun with superheroes and sword-swinging barbarians and ass kicking and chivalry and all that stuff is the day I want to just go ahead and stop living. Yes, there is more to life than this, all kinds of different art to enjoy, whatever . . . but as a dreamy, introverted, insecure kid growing up in the country I wouldn’t be the person I am today without this stuff, and I will love it to the end of my days.


Also, for a well-considered breakdown of Steve Rogers/Captain America, at least the comics version, check out this essay.


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