>Bigshots Descend on Missoula

>Thanks to everyone who was emailing me the links to the big Obama visit ticket acquisition thing for the appearance that is going down tomorrow, I appreciate it. I would have gone, probably, if I’d been in town. Same with Hillary’s visit, if possible — I’d be curious to see the spectacle of both, even though I loathe them both. I had intended to write a big, bitter, cynical and rambling thing for New West about it but ran out of time. And it’s probably better that I didn’t. It’s cool for Missoula, and Montana, I suppose, though I think we are delusional if we think these money-grubbing bastards really give much of a damn about us.

Anyway. I hope everyone has fun. I’ll be in Portland rocking out and feeling the weight of another year on me. Be careful and have a gas; say hi to Hillary and Barack for me! Hopefully they will enjoy their time together in town as well.

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  1. >Patia, yeah, I am a curmudgeon. From what I’ve gleaned, it seems the rallies around town were pretty cool. Thanks for the birthday wishes too, btw!

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