Blame Grandpa

Montana is a big state — the fourth largest in the nation, in fact. Yet there are less than a million people living here; 967,440 by 2008 estimations. Given its size, that’s not very many friggin’ people. When I am in larger cities and people ask me about Montana, I like to tell them that there are probably more people in a 10 – 20 mile radius of where we are at that moment then there are in the entire state. I’m often asked why that is, is there something wrong with the state?*

Looking at this picture from 1919 (just before Prohibition) that (allegedly) came from a Montana history book, the reason is quite apparent.

Clearly Grandpa said, “Fuck it, I ain’t quittin’.” Looking at these grim ladies, can you blame him? No wonder we have population issues here!


* Many people have weird ideas about Montana, those that even know where it is located, that is. That discussion could probably fill a blog post of its own.

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