Blame it on those Stinkin’ Kids

Saw this bit on Vagabondish that links to this article: Survey Reveals Business Travelers Want Adult Only Flights.

Could adult only flights become a possibility in the future? If business travelers get their way it could. That’s because a recent poll revealed business class passengers would use a major airline that offered flights minus children on board.

There are few things worse than a screaming kid on a flight, I get that. On our return trip from Panama, on the LA to Salt Lake connection, I scored an upgrade to First Class. Being the chivalrous man that I am, I let Julia take it. Which I regretted, because the row ahead of me included a fractious child who pretty much howled and squirmed the whole way. Going back a trip before that, on my return from Milwaukee in January I was wedged into the window seat next to a young couple with a baby. The kid wasn’t noisy at all, but smelled like babies smell. And I don’t like that smell, I won’t deny it. But hey, I survived, no big deal. I’m an adult, I realize that things aren’t always going to be about me, you know?

There are things much more aggravating than that on flights, believe me. The dude who jacks his seat all the way back into my lap at first opportunity. THAT enrages me. Or the loudmouths who carry on a loud conversation all the way from Minneapolis to Houston as if everyone wants to hear their jibber jabber. That annoys me more than kids, hands down. Or those assholes who ignore the flight attendant’s request to just put one bag in the overhead and keep their coats and other bags on the floor in front of them, and proceed to fill an entire section of bins with their shit (roll-away, briefcase, overcoat and hat) before sitting down. Rude bastards.

This line is the kicker, though:

Nearly 18% of business travelers were bothered by the complimentary upgrades some economy class passengers received.

Hey, you 18%ers? Go fuck yourselves. May the next flight you’re on, and every one thereafter, be marred by a kid shitting its pants in the seat right next to you.

6 thoughts on “Blame it on those Stinkin’ Kids”

  1. >I've managed to avoid planes for a long time now, I prefer to drive, but I remember flying well enough. Kids and babies have their moments, but other adult travelers definitely take the cake when it comes to obnoxious behavior.Great pic of Sid, too.

  2. >People who recline their seats fully back on domestic flights should be forcibly evicted from the plane at a normal cruising altitude. The absolute worst.Also, hilarious about the snobby business travelers. I didn't realize anyone actually PAID for business class, but if my employer did, I sure as hell wouldn't begrudge anyone else the luxury. From now on I'm going to audibly bask in my first class upgrades in hopes of pissing off one of those 18%ers.

  3. >Owen, that's exactly how I feel. I've never paid for 1st Class, but I regularly get upgraded because I have so many miles. Given the hours I've spent wedged in the back next to the friggin' restroom, I feel I've earned a little luxury from time to time!

  4. >The joys of flying.Interesting how 18% of business travelers get annoyed with the poor folks who get their upgrades the old fashioned way, as opposed to how they get theirs.May each of them get stuck next to a fat diabetic who happens to have a seriously elevated blood sugar and is constantly getting up to used the facilities during their four hour flight.

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