>Busy Day Today

>Lots going on. First off, I have my first little thing ever in the Independent, a review of Clutch’s latest album, From Beale Street to Oblivion. Believe me, for a guy who runs off at the mouth like I do, 200 words ain’t easy. You can dig that here.

Secondly, the Indy also has a great overview of tonight’s PBR thing that I’ve been going on and on about for a month (I’m so glad that, for better or worse, it’s all over tonight). You should really check out their piece here. Christ, pick up the paper edition and read it while scarfing a slab of pizza at The Bridge. I may do that this afternoon when I pick up Sid (who actually got invited to play drums in local metal band, HELLIANA; more on that later!).

And finally, Joe Nickell over at the Missoulian has a bit about tonight’s Clutch show that simultaneously reports on it and takes a good swing at the promoters/publicists associated with the show. That’s one thing about these Wilma events lately, I haven’t seen a whole lot of publicity for them, and getting info isn’t exactly easy. Joe also makes a nice plug for tonight’s PBR thing as well; dig them both right here.

So much happening, and tomorrow is First Friday, where there are at least two art openings going on (one at the MAM and the other at New West), as well as a bellydance performance at Betty’s. So much culture, I best indulge in as much lowbrow tonight as I can!

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