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>Julia and I just had a conversation about whether or not, if we were wealthy with stupid amounts of disposable income, we would be victims of our own sudden impulses to buy stuff. Sadly, the answer is probably yes. For example, I give you this, a complete and authentic vampire killing kit, circa 1800:

A complete and authentic vampire killing kit β€” made around 1800 and complete with stakes, mirrors, a gun with silver bullets, crosses, a Bible, holy water, candles and even garlic, all housed in a American walnut case with a carved cross on top β€” attained $14,850 in the Jimmy Pippen estate sale by Stevens October 3–4 in the new Natchez Convention Center.

I know, if something like this were sitting as on offering on some site with a “Buy it Now!” option, and I was filthy loaded, I’d click it. I may regret it later, but I don’t think the coolness of it, in the moment, would be overwhelmed by any rational thought I may otherwise possess. I’ve gotten better with my impulsive behavior these days, for the most part, but that is governed by keeping myself with limited access to cash. Take that limit away, and things would get ugly. First edition Robert E. Howard Conan stories are one thing, but a vampire killing kit? Please. For the record, Julia says she would fall prey to vintage jewelry. That’s fine, but nowhere near as cool as this:

January 20th Shaping up Nicely

Big things going on January 20th of ’09. First off, it is Paul “Starchild” Stanley’s birthday (which he shares with my sister Mitzi). That’s a big deal. The guy was voted Classic Rock Magazine’s “Showman of the Year” for 2008. Not only that, but his unbelievably awesome One Live KISS DVD has been out about a month or so, and if you don’t have it you obviously missed the boat and probably pal around with terrorists. I should write a full-on review of it. Finally, as was first mentioned in a diary post from rock photographer extraordinaire Ross Halfin, and confirmed by Paul in another interview, KISS is actually going to record a new album of “vintage-style songs.” That is something to get excited about.

Also on January 20th is the release of Scott “Wino” Weinrich’s first solo album, Punctuated Equilibrium. I am a huge fan of Wino. The first show Lazerwolfs did with Jimmy on guitar was opening for Wino’s band at the time, Spirit Caravan. Within the rock community I am most involved with, the guy is a living legend. He is a phenomenal guitar player and a generous man. I spent the better part of a weekend at his house once after I drove from Ohio to Baltimore to see his band The Hidden Hand play. We hung out, swapped stories, and he sent me home with a bag full of records, CDs, and other swag. Here is the lowdown on the new record from the press release I received:

It’s as if our prayers have been answered! Finally, fans of underground cult guitar hero Scott “Wino” Weinrich can rejoice because Wino’s first solo album is upon us! Over the last 25 years Wino has defined heavy music and is truly the Godfather of the movement. Starting with the Obsessed, and Saint Vitus and onto his mind-blowing power trios: Spirit Caravan and The Hidden Hand, his virtuosity on six strings is matched perfectly with his soulful vocals and powerful lyrics. But as us Wino freaks know he has always graciously shared the spotlight with his band members. Even though it was Wino we came to see and hear he seemed to understand the power of the chemistry of the bands he was leading. His selflessness seems unnecessary considering his talents but it was his decision to equally share the glory.

After the demise of his last group: The Hidden Hand, Wino did not rest. With new found energy he completed the writing of many new songs and decided to enlist the help of some friends to help realize his new musical vision. The idea was not to start a new power trio with a new name as before. This time it was about finding players who would help realize his songs the way he wanted them. This more “Wino”- focused direction was fleshed out with the help of 2 amazing musicians: Jean Paul Gaster (Clutch, The Bakerton Group) on drums and Jon Blank (Rezin) on bass. Punctuated Equilibrium was recorded by J. Robbins who has worked extensively with both the Hidden Hand and Clutch in the past.

The album comes with amazing original artwork by David D’ Andrea and contains extensive liner notes from Wino himself that explicitly describe the origin and concept of each track. Here is an excerpt that I feel perfectly explains this album.

“This is the culmination of a very old dream, one that has come true in many different ways. One of the main things I have learned is how I understand “success”. To me, it’s not all riches and glory so much as the impact on others lives. My main philosophy that guides me is that I was given a gift, a Musical gift which I use to bring happiness to others. It is also important not to overlook your own needs, but putting yourself in the other person’s shoes is to me most important! Punctuated Equilibrium is how my personality has been described, as told in the lyrics.

I know most people reading this blog have no idea of who Wino is, or why any of this matters, but to me it is huge. As I get older, it is good to see other people my age or older who keep keepin’ on in a genre that most consider a young man’s game. It is inspiring, and Wino makes music with the kind of wisdom that speaks to me. Most of these 22yos that are supposed to be the big stars haven’t lived enough to do much to move me. Wino has.

Here is a link to a cover of the Burdon/Chandler/Lomax (The Animals) song “Inside Looking Out” from The Obsessed album, Incarnate. Good stuff.

Hmm, seemed to me there was something else big happening on January 20th. Probably not as important as this stuff, though. . . .

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  1. Jay Stevens

    >I know, if something like this were sitting as on offering on some site with a “Buy it Now!” option, and I was filthy loaded, I’d click it.Thus, you’re not filthy loaded, heh. A quote from Citizen Kane, and I paraphrase, “being filthy loaded is easy if all you want to be is filthy loaded.”

  2. Chris

    >Ain’t that the truth. 6 days out of 7 I’d probably wonder who the hell would drop $15K on a (probably fake) vampire hunting kit, but on that 7th day it’s fun sometimes to just be a geek.


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