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>The other night I had the opportunity to go see Nine Inch Nails for free, and I jumped all over that sucker. I wrote about my experience on New West, as the free tickets came with a photo pass as well. You can check that article out here, and maybe some of this post will make a little more sense.

This is what a big-time photo pass looks like — it’s just a sticker.

This is the opening act, BUG. Bug was the DJ, and the rapper woman called herself The Warrior Queen. They could have been a lot better, but their sense of dynamics wasn’t very good. I’m not sold on DJs as rock show material, frankly.

Just before we entered the pit, I took this shot of the crowd; it’s not a very good one.

Here are a few more shots.

They would have big screens change the configuration of the stage. This first shot was for this electronic song they did, and the second featured a bunch of percussion. The set changes, with the accompanying musical mood changes, were fantastic; the pictures really don’t do it justice.

Finally, this concert proved that the day of the lighter held aloft is over. Now it is all about cell phone cameras. At one point, at least two or three times the number you can see in this crowd shot were visible, stretching all the way to the back and around the arena. I thought it was kind of a cool image but, once again, poorly rendered here:

If you care to see all my images, I have them up on my flickr page right here!

Speaking of Fantastic Stage Shows!

The magnificent LAZERWOLFS live extravaganza, which features a stage production consisting of a solitary, overworked smoke machine, will take the stage at The Badlander tonight (December 12th). The out of town band canceled, so we get to play longer. It will be face melting.

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