>Call Me Wilton

>I get punch-someone-in-the-face mad whenever I see our stupid government give some inept new bureaucrat the title of “Czar.” As in this ludicrous headline:

Obama Plans To Name Czar For Cybersecurity

Czar? Please. Since Obama is the Greatest Man in the World, can’t he see how dumb that is? Besides the bright glow of asinine, it makes America look like morons. How about something like . . . Kingpin. I know if it were me, in charge, I’d feel a lot cooler if I lurched to my feet in the middle of a meeting, slammed my fist on the desk, and bellowed, “You’ll do what I say because I am the goddamn KINGpin!”

You can’t beat that hard “K” for making people jump through their assholes.

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