You All are False Punks! Why Don’t You Go Back to Beaverton!

That title is the line some stoned-out-of-his-mind devil worshiper guy laid on us while we prowled the mean streets of Portland, OR, last Saturday. It was pretty funny actually. I like to walk at a distance from Sid and his buddy Will just for the fun of it; this guy had some book or something he wanted Sid to look at and Sid just kind of blew him off. We didn’t even realize he was “punk.” I thought it was a religious thing, but Sid said he thought the book was for like devil worship, I don’t know. But the guy was kind of giving Sid some grief, so I intervened with a hand on Sid’s shoulder and kind of stepped between them, giving the guy The Look. The guy hauled ass, but once he distanced himself from us by about a block he started hollering that Sid and Will were “false punks who should go back to Beaverton.” I laughed. Here are Sid and Will at the Saturday Market, with a couple “real punks” (one must assume, anyway) nearby. This picture makes me laugh too:

The Black Keys

We went to Portland primarily to see The Black Keys, who totally friggin’ rocked. They played the Crystal Ballroom, which was a fantastic venue. I loved the show. They were great, the lights were great, everything was great. If you haven’t hipped yourself to this band, do so now. Their new album is fantastic, if something of a departure for them. Word on the street is that it was originally supposed to be an Ike Turner record, but he up and died, so the Keys did their own R&B style record. There is some great stuff on it, regardless of the truth of that story. Here is a clip someone shot from that very show; we are a set of the heads at the front of the stage:


We loved Portland; I feel I could actually live there. We had limited time — just a few hours on Saturday — to explore, but we still enjoyed ourselves. Julia’s brother lives there in the Alberta Arts District, and it was awesome. We could walk from his place to a great little neighborhood retail area with shops, dining, everything you’d need. I love neighborhoods like that. We hit some of the landmarks — Voodoo Doughnuts, Powell’s Books, etc. — and walked the soles off our feets. I put some pics up on my flickr page; you can dig them here. Here is taste of a couple:

I loved Portland. Coming back was the first time I’ve ever felt like I could be living somewhere better when I got home. It also made me appreciate a couple things. For example, I loved Powell’s but it totally overwhelmed me. It made me appreciate our great little bookstores right here in Missoula (:cough: Shakespeare and Company :cough:) that much more. And the ritual of finding parking sucked. Other than that I loved it.

Tater Pig Rock

We also did a Tater Pig show at Mississippi Pizza Pub, and it was a blast. Other than getting repeatedly shocked in the mouth by my microphone, we delivered a rocking set. It was a cool venue, and the crowd was enthusiastic. We can’t wait to get back to rock there again. The combination of the show, and the music we listened to while driving, and the Black Keys show, was all very inspirational. We are recording over the first weekend in May, and we are stoked. We just need to get some more shows locally!

And that was pretty much the trip. Tomorrow I fly to St. Louis again for work. Weird to be going back there again so soon, but the week after that I am in Portland for work. I am looking forward to that!

Ace Frehley

Hey, just because I’ve hardly posted this week doesn’t mean I haven’t been busy!

Ace Frehley Wrap-Up

I just posted my wrap-up article on the Ace Frehley experience over at New West. You can dig it here. If I get some more photos (I’m expecting a disc full in the mail, and maybe even some video) I’ll upload, but for now this should be it. Here are a few shots:

The Set List

The Boy, the Legend, and the Grinning Idiot:

Ace’s Band — Scot Coogan (Drums), Derrek Hawkins (Guitar), and Anthony Esposito (Bass) — and a Couple Rock Dudes:

Ace, Photographed By a Guy Right Beside Me:

Finally, Ace with a Couple Other Guys on Their Farewell (?) Tour:

Thanks everyone for bearing with me through all this. It was friggin’ awesome.