Steve Daines is a Coward

Yesterday I attended a rally in Helena, the Montana state capital, to protest the failures of our junior senator, Steve Daines, to adequately represent the people of Montana. The shutting down of Elizabeth Warren is probably his most infamous recent example. He also supported Betsy DeVos (of course he did — she contributed $46,800.00 to his campaign) for Unites States Secretary of Education. Ugh, I want to hurl for having just written that. Haines has voted in favor of everything Trump has done. Essentially, he’s the worst.

Daines was scheduled to address the Montana legislature yesterday, but he pushed it back to today because he didn’t want to face the protests. From what I hear the good people of Helena and surrounding areas will be waiting for him today as well. I have mixed feelings about these rallies, but still, I wish I could join them. Here are some shots from the afternoon.

Photo Finish Friday

Some street photography. I love taking pictures of my friends. And when Mara, friend and occasional co-worker, texts me, even on a day off, and says, “Want to split some nachos with me?” the only possible answer is, “I’ll meet you on the corner.”

Photo via iPhone, processed with VSCO with 8 preset
Photo via iPhone, processed with VSCO with 8 preset


A Few Thousand Words about Summer

I was doing these on a month-to-month basis earlier this year, but stopped last May. So here’s an entire season’s worth in one post. It’s strange. At times, during the heat of it, it seemed like summer was never going to end. Now it’s over, and it seems like we hardly had one, and that nothing happened. And yet . . . everything did.

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