Chicago, Bang! Bang!

Off to Chicago in about an hour for work. Usually I’d be stoked, but Chicago was the bane of our LAZERWOLFS tour. Not the show, which was awesome, but getting through it, which we had to do twice. Traffic sucked, the tolls sucked, etc. Today I arrive right at 5:00 PM and get to drive 30 miles right through the heart of town. Ugh. Here is a shot of traffic a little over a week ago, when we were trying to get to the North end of town to play a rock show:

Speaking of tour, I uploaded a bunch of pictures from it to the LAZERWOLFS flickr page, which is where I am going to start storing all of our shots. You can dig them here.

First Friday

Last night Julia and I were at Bernice’s hanging all of her paintings for her First Friday opening there on, you guessed it, Friday. It was pretty awesome to see them all up on the wall, though of course I didn’t have my camera. I’ll take pictures on Friday. So in the last week she not only got a bunch of her clothing designs (under her Donkey Girl label) up at Haus Frau, but now she has her art up as well. I’m pretty proud of her.


Saturday we drove up to Polson because Julia was going to do some bellydance practice with a woman who lives up there; they are both going for some funky certification thing with Suhaila Salimpour yet this summer. I just went along then waited around for two hours until they were finished; I also went to check out the site where Jimmy and his crew have been attending to the big gas spill that happened last April up there; his outfit — he manages WCEC in Missoula — got called in late, and now they are wading through tons of bureaucracy getting it cleaned up. Anyway, I got a glimpse into the world most people are dealing with when it comes to gas prices, when I realized that the trip was going to cost about $35 in my gas guzzling old pickup. That was pretty eye opening, as I know a lot of people make commutes almost that long around here every day.

I used to live in Ronan and used to take Sid swimming at the lake every day in the summer. The area up there has changed quite a bit, but it’s still beautiful. I love the Mission valley as well. I could totally live up there again if life didn’t require me to be in Missoula frequently. I do love Missoula, though, so the trade-off is worth it. Here are a couple images:

I have big writing plans this week while I am in Chicago; hopefully I’ll follow through with them!

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