>Chilly and Sunny, Just the Way I Like It

>It’s good to be home. It’s even better knowing I don’t have to travel again for at least two weeks. Even better knowing that I’ll get to scarf down one of my mom’s Thanksgiving feasts before I ever set foot on a plane again. I haven’t taken any pictures of the day, but it is exhilarating looking out my window and seeing the sun and blue sky; this morning when I was out shuttling people around, the sun was just painting the frosty hills to the west pink, so I rolled my window down and took a deep breath of 20-something degree air. It was great. Makes up for the jet lag and sore muscles. Of course, a little of this doesn’t hurt.

Gott in Himmel

The sun shown briefly yesterday over Gurnee, IL. I snapped a picture outside the building where I was working. Yes, that is a German flag flying; the company is owned by the Germans. That certainly explains the sausage smell. There were a few German accents floating around the place too — I liked hearing them.

Honey, What Do You Do For Money

Last night when I was waiting in Minneapolis to board the flight to Missoula, there was a group of people near me talking about vegetarians. This woman was describing some guy — don’t know if it was a boyfriend of one of her kid’s, a friend, whatever — who obviously must be vegan. She was going on and on about the things he won’t eat. Her big finale was, “He won’t even eat honey!” One of the others asked her why, and she said, “Because he doesn’t want to take away from the food bees eat, I guess.” I don’t know why that struck me as so goddamn funny, but it was. Funny enough that I surreptitiously snapped a picture of her, guerrila-style.

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