>Christmas Weekend Winding Down

>It was great to have a four day weekend. The best part is that I only have to work three days, then get another four day weekend. I think Christmas and New Years should always fall on Fridays. Someone needs to make that so.

I’m particularly glad there is another long weekend dead ahead because I spent all of this one under the weather. I hate to whine about sickness (probably because 1/3 of all twitter posts are people whining about being sick)(with another 1/3 being people whining about being tired and/or needing coffee) but this time around I feel ripped off. Someone is going to pay. Even Sid delivered a gentle pat on my shoulder the other day while I was in the throes of a tremendous coughing fit. That never happens. Usually it’s something along the lines of, “Aw, is the little guy feeling a little sick today?” delivered in a mock concerned voice. He did say that to me today, so I know that he hasn’t been replaced by a doppleganger.

Speaking of Sid, here is a picture I took of the little fella with the new camera my folks gave me for Christmas:

Don’t ask me what that thing is on his chin, because I don’t know either. He says it’s a beard. It looks more like cotton candy to me. I figure as soon as he’s man enough to beat his old man arm wrestling maybe his facial hair will start coming in for real. He’s got a long, uphill battle, I’m afraid.

I love the camera I’ve been using — a Panasonic DMC-FZ7 — which Julia’s father gave us. The only problem with it is it’s a little bulky for some of the guerrilla trips I take traveling. I wanted to augment the quiver with a smaller one that would fit easily in a pocket or something, and this new one — an Olympus FE-20 — looks like it will do the job. It is certainly dainty enough. I drove around town today and snapped a few shots, though I still need to figure out how to use the damn thing.

Can I just say right here that Quality Supply is the best store in town (that’s where the previous pic was taken)? I just wander around that place looking at all the farm and ranch stuff and daydream about the day I will actually need to go there to procure stuff. That’s right, I said procure. One gets groceries. One procures anything cool.

It’s weird driving around town knowing some asshole has our car, or, more likely, has abandoned it somewhere. Tomorrow I am going to call around to all the towing places to see if it’s been hauled off anywhere. Every silver car I pass I look to see if it’s ours. Let me just say there are a lot of silver cars in this town.

We had some glorious feasting over the weekend, of which I have no pictures. We had a Christmas Eve nacho feast at our house, then Christmas morning we went out to my sister’s new place up Six Mile for brunch. Man, they put out the best spread around, let me tell you. It was delicious. The only part that sucked is that with my head feeling like it’s full of concrete and my chest full of molasses (but coughs up a sludge that tastes nothing like molasses, let me assure you), tasting anything was about impossible. There are two packages of peanut butter cookie mixes that Julia gave me because I LOVE THEM that I haven’t even bothered to make and eat yet, because I don’t want to waste them on compromised taste buds. When this latest malady has passed, though, I am going to bake them up and eat the hell out of them.

Here’s a picture of the pet no one sees, in the position she usually occupies: sleeping on the bed. She dwells downstairs because she’s a chickenshit when it comes to the dogs. The only time she isn’t sleeping is when she’s being annoying. As good as she is at taking up space while unconscious, she positively excels at being annoying.

I have a couple planned posts this coming week, and also plan to make a documented plan for the coming year. Hope everyone had a good weekend with friends and family. I’ll leave you with as heartwarming a shot as I can manage this cold, December day. It warms my heart, anyway. The dogs, on the opposite side of the (filthy, because of them) sliding glass door.

Yes, I let them in shortly after taking this picture, even though they didn’t deserve it.

9 thoughts on “>Christmas Weekend Winding Down

  1. Kirsten

    >Pretty danged cute dogs! I'm waiting for Quality Supply to get dog boots in stock so I can go down and procure some. Last time I checked they said they would have some soon. Can't wait for my chance to go browsing there again. My favorite section is the area with animal food in bags labeled things like "Purina Bobcat Chow". Okay, I don't think they had actual bobcat chow, but there was something like that which caught my eye last time I was there.I hope you guys find your car. That was just a really shitty thing to be the victim of, particularly this time of year.

  2. Chris

    >I just like the smell of all the different feeds and leather and stuff. And some of the characters you run into there.So what's the story on your abandoned blog anyway?

  3. Joanne Elliott aka soulsprite

    >I hate to whine too, but since you did I'll just say I've had a cold over the holidays and it really sucks. I had a good time despite a stuffed nod and choking (hack)cough.Sorry to hear about your car. Not nice at all. May it be returned intact or may your insurance pay for a brand new one.Love the photos. The winter nature scene is great. I, of course, love the pics of your pets. They are a cute bunch…especially those dogs. Hard to say no to those begging eyes.

  4. Chris

    >Joanne: I sure hope so!Rebecca: And? What do you think so far? We started watching The Shield after recommendations that it is the next best thing to The Wire. We didn't even make it through the first disc. LAME. Hated it. Reminded me why I loathe network TV so much.

  5. Chris

    >I'm relieved you like it. I know how it can be sometimes when so many people blow something up so much like it's the greatest thing ever. I went into it with some trepidation myself, but, at least for me, it delivered.


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