>Congrats, America!

>I made no secret that I am not a fan of Obama’s policies, nor did I vote for him. Nonetheless, I am pleased he won, and I find myself caught up in the excitement and historic nature of the moment. I think the result of this election shows that this country hasn’t surrendered to cynicism, which is a grand thing. Hopefully all the hopes that people have pinned on Obama come true.

Obama: Thanks. I got this.

McCain’s concession speech was actually pretty good. What struck me most, though, were the crowd shots: nothing but a sea of white faces, which is the exact opposite of the crowd shots of Grant Park in Chicago (which is only about 20 miles or so from where I am now), which is a mix of all races, and everyone grinning and crying. That is one of the very things I love about this city, and about this country — its cultural and racial diversity.

What’s really cool is that maybe the American people have redeemed themselves in the eyes of the world, at least for tonight.

As Obama takes the stage now on this TV, I’d like to thank the President Elect and his vigorous and committed supporters for writing a far better response than I could have come up with to the email I received from my employer yesterday:

While I feel your vote is personal, I also feel that everyone who works here needs to know and understand our company stance. The officially endorsed candidate is John McCain. The opposition’s planned policies would be disadvantageous to us. Small business’ ability to continue to grow and provide new job creation will be limited. I’m also certain that each of you will have a health care plan substantially less than what we provide to you today.

So tomorrow, as you vote, keep in mind how each of the candidates policies will affect your workplace.

Thanks! Now let’s get busy.

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  1. >I wrote a long pissed off message but didn’t send it. Now I’m glad I didn’t, because the election was such a great response that I am just tickled.

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