Count My Blessings

I woke up cranky yesterday, pretty much rode it all day too. Thing is, I have no reason to be. Did you know some people really can’t see colors, or certain colors? Google that phenomenon if you want the science behind it, but here’s a video of a dude seeing a sunrise for the first time because he has some special glasses.


Note to self: don’t take stuff for granted.

2 thoughts on “Count My Blessings

  1. Lauren

    I hear you. I remind myself quite regularly that no matter how bad my day might be, or whatever life is throwing at me at the moment, there are countless, COUNTLESS, people who have it much worse than I. That being said, it’s ok, and possible, to count your blessings and feel lucky while still being cantankerous some mornings. You are still allowed to feel the whole range of emotions despite your blessings. This is a really cool video, how can you not love a guy who is unphased by fish nibbling at his feet? I remember seeing a video not too long about about a guy who, with similar glasses, saw purple for the first time. He freaked out in the best way. Good stuff.


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