Day of the Dead Benefit

Hey before I forget, everyone in the Missoula area needs to realize that this weekend, Saturday, in fact, is the Day of the Dead Benefit Show at The Badlander.

This little bit I recorded for an ad running over at KBGA; if it was good enough for them, it’s good enough for the likes o’ you:

On Saturday, July 19th, after the Hip Strip Block Party the party moves downtown to The Badlander for the 1st annual summer Day of the Dead Festival fundraiser! This show is to raise money for the big Day of the Dead parade that happens every November 2nd right down the middle of Higgins Avenue.

The Badlander show starts at 10 PM. Festivities kick off off with a performance by local bellydancers. Next up is Nashville-by-way-of-Missoula banjo picker, Danny Wildcard! Missoula’s very own dirty rock/hillbilly family band TATER PIG follows, and the show is closed out by the infamous Black Velvet Elvis.

This show is graciously sponsored by KBGA, The Badlander, Habbilis Records, The Catalyst Restaurant, and Bernice’s Bakery. For updates, make sure and check MissoulaEvents.Net. And remember, all proceeds go to fund the Day of the Dead Festival in November. See you there, it’s gonna RULE!

I have a vested interest in all this. Yes, TATER PIG is playing (we are also playing the Hip Strip Block Party @ 2:00 PM earlier that day as well), but it’s bigger than that; Julia is actually organizing the entire Day of the Dead Festival this year, which means I can’t wait until November 3rd, the day after it is all over. Raising money is a big deal to make it go, so hopefully some of you will come out. It should be a great show.


Last Friday Sid played his first show with his other band, HELLIANA. They were actually a lot better than I thought they would be because they don’t practice very much. It was fun watching them.

They had the usual problems of a young band; last minute problems securing a PA, people telling them to turn down, etc. I helped as little as I could — it was hard to not just step in and solve stuff for them, because they need to learn on their own. A phone call did secure them a PA, though I made them follow up to finalize it, pick it up, set it up, etc. And I also fought back my irritation when their guitar player left early making Sid and the other guy, Dustin, handle the tear down. Sid was ready to bolt too (“I didn’t use the PA!” he said) but I lectured him in band etiquette; all for one, one for all, and all that. It was pretty cool, though.

Speaking of Radio

I was on the radio with Whitney Fisher, a friend of mine who does the Local 406 show on The Blaze in Missoula. I was on for the entire hour, played some LAZERWOLFS stuff from the new album, talked about the DotD Benefit show, etc. It was fun. We recorded it last Tuesday but it didn’t air until Sunday. Of course the best parts were things that got screwed up and left on the editing floor, but it was still a good time.

It was an interesting contrast. We were there kind of late at night, and walking by the various radio studios showed that all this entertainment was going on, but there wasn’t a single body on premises — it was all taped, or syndicated from somewhere else. Kind of a bummer, really, when one considers the rich history of DJs and radio entertainment in this country. The flipside of course was KBGA, the college station; a tiny little room with weird stuff going on at all hours, driven by real live people; the mic I talked into was held in place with packing tape, for example. I love that! I don’t always like what comes over their airwaves, but I sure like that little college stations exist.

4 thoughts on “Day of the Dead Benefit”

  1. >Heh. Well, the KBGA ad is running all week. As for the thing on The Blaze, I don’t get the impression many of the people here listen to that station. Hell, I don’t even listen to it. I did record it though, so maybe I will upload it here if I ever pull it off my 8-track thing.

  2. >That would be swell if you could make it. We didn’t do so well with donations from sponsors, but did almost get all of the expenses for the show covered. A good turnout would put some money in the bank for the festival later this year. It’s ridiculous how much it costs to do stuff downtown; I know the people putting on the Hip Strip Block Party ran into the same thing. Permits, insurance, this, that, the other thing . . . friggin’ bureaucracy up the arse.

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