>Dennis Perrin Nails Nader

>In a great rant about the stupidity of stealing yard signs, Dennis Perrin also riffs on Nader in this great post. If you need to know only one paragraph out of the (short) piece, it is this one:

What the corporate parties did to him in 2000 was cowardly and unconscionable, yet it made sense. Why allow Nader to gain any national traction with a message that undercuts the corporate fix? Both the Dems and the Repubs made sure that Nader would be utterly marginalized by election day, and while Jonestown libs still believe that Nader deprived them of a glorious Gore administration, the owners and their employees did their job well. Since then, doubters and dissenters have been herded back into the corporate fold, told that Obama is the Agent of Approved CHANGE, and they’ve gone happily along, leaping to bite that ripe bait. The demolition of an earlier, momentary challenge is pretty much complete.

I couldn’t agree with him more. I sweated and chewed my cheek Friday afternoon when I went and voted over how to go once I was down to the nitty gritty, and I am proud to say I stuck to my guns and filled in the little oblong for Ralph, not because I feel he can win, but because he has earned my vote, Obama hasn’t. I hope Obama’s (hopefully) imminent election proves me wrong — some great people seem to think he will rise to the occasion — but I remain unconvinced. What really bothers me, and it’s a point that Perrin hits, is how silent the “progressive” crowd has been on voicing their desire to let Ralph in the debates. If nothing else he would stir things up and make the two “serious” candidates do more than jaw more talking points (unless they wanted to look like idiots). Obama shouldn’t be ducking Ralph. If Obama loses, it means there are a whole lot of people who are content to live in a fucked-up country, or a lot of people simply chose not to vote, and in that case I think we get the country and government we deserve. It is a risk I am willing to take, if only because there are a lot of assholes out there I’m not willing to conmpromise for.

Plus he has the coolest t-shirt of them all, which I am still waiting on to arrive in my mailbox:

Not a big fan of the number on the back, but the bison is bitchin’.

I missed Ralph in Missoula last week, but my friend Patia blogged it, which you can dig here. She and I disagree on Obama, but so far she is still talking to me. If the guy loses, I’m afraid that may change, though, heh.

Salt Lake City

I’m in the midst of a 2-hour layover, trying to refrain from gorging myself on 1200 calorie cinnabons. Here are some shots from the flight down here.

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