Detectives Around the World

This week I am participating in an event called Detectives Around the World, which is an idea cooked up by reader, reviewer, and all around swell person, Jen Forbus. You can check out her initial post from this past Sunday, which is when the whole thing kicked off, by clicking HERE. This is the lowdown on the event in a nutshell:

So what the bloggers have done in this theme week is identify a detective they were interested in, read at least one book with that detective to review, and then they’ve looked at the detective’s setting. Throughout the week they’ll be sharing their reviews and settings with you in an array of different ways. You’ll get to see recipes and maps and location highlights of locations from the United States to Mexico to France to Greece and beyond. There will also be contests scattered throughout the week, so be on the look out for those as well.

She has links to all the blogs that are participating. As for me, I am writing about how the state of Montana figures into the writing of James Crumley. My post will be up on Friday. This should be a fun thing to follow, as there are literally contributors from all over the world.

HERE are links to all of Sunday’s postings.

And HERE you can see what is going on today, Monday.

Finally, speaking of a writer with Montana connections, HERE is Alafair Burke writing about New York City hotspots that feature in her own crime writings.

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