>Developers Make Me Want To Smash

>So for my dull gig-that-pays-the-bills, I often spend a fair amount of time testing software updates, whether it is customizations for projects I’m directly involved in or “upgrades” of existing standard shit. That often drives me to the point of violence. Like this week. I am testing stuff that involves development by a guy in our office as well as development by a guy working for one of the companies we partner with. Of course, neither guy is ever really willing to admit he might have made a mistake. So I’m testing and retesting, alerting these guys to shit that isn’t working, and it is like trying to get a Bush administration official to appear at a court hearing trying to get these guys to accept that some of their stuff is buggier than McClay Flats at 7:00 PM! It’s a nightmare. My favorite is when I asked if the process in question worked when they tested it, and the answer is, “Well, I didn’t actually test it but it should work.” Aaauurgh! It was all I could do this morning to keep from throwing my laptop right out the window. It’s probably a good thing I never see these people. TGIF, and I am taking half the day off too to clean the house. I’m actually looking forward to that!

Doomsday Revisited

Three updates re: my post yesterday about Doomsday. First, I talked to Julia on the phone and told her I watched it and that it was pretty bad. She had the audacity to laugh at me. Then, as she was laughing, she threw salt in the wound by saying, “We both know the only reason you wanted to see it anyway was because you wanted to watch a bunch of scantily clad women running around!”

That made me about huffy. Where could she draw such a conclusion? I set her straight, pronto, though, by pointing out it was not about that, that there wasn’t much scantily clad action going on, and that my main interest is that I am a fan of that particular genre. So there.

Of course I took the movie up with Sid, thinking he might want to check it out since he and I often share interests in higher forms of entertainment. Later, he posted this bulletin via MySpace for all his friends to see (if you don’t already know, clicking these images will often show you a larger version of the picture):

Finally, I got a bunch of email asking about the connection between Doomsday characters and my MMO of choice, City of Heroes (actually, I almost never get email about anything I write here, I just like to pretend sometimes that people give a shit; I just wanted to post this next bit). Because I am a man all about giving the people what they want, I fired up the game to show you a little bit. This first image shows one of my heroes, that mighty Captain Montana, in a rundown area of the city called Carnival Town, where a gang of villains called the Freaks hang out. Clearly the resemblance of the Freaks to Doomsday characters is not lost on you (nor should the resemblance in steely good looks and general buffness of Cap MT to yours truly go unnoticed either; he is the one with the big “M” on his sculptured — like mine — chest):

Because he is a hero and all, Captain Montana doesn’t just hang around with criminals to provide photo ops (unlike those Bush admin guys previously mentioned), so a throwdown had to ensue:

These guys can’t hold stand against the mighty Captain Montana (who actually gained his powers when, as a member of a radical environmental group, he was dumped into toxic chemicals while investigating a corporate superfund bait and switch operation) — look at the wimps run!

I know a couple developers who need a smackdown. I’m debating whether or not I’m even going to talk to them for the rest of the day.

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