Digging This

This band, Band of Skulls, is opening for The Black Keys on their European tour in Jan/Feb (in support of the new El Camino record that comes out on 12/6). Sure hope they come over to the states.

I like this video:

If the package does hit the states, it would be a show worth driving to. Saw The Black Keys in Portland on my birthday about three or four years or so ago and it was great. They actually filmed a live DVD of it; here’s the trailer. Five of those silhouettes down front represent me and my posse (Sid, his friend Will, Julia, and her brother Mike). I caught the set list when Dan wadded it up and threw it into the crowd at the end of the gig. Great show. I’d love to see them again.



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  1. Kent

    Never heard Band of Skulls before. Saw them mentioned here and there. I like it! The Black Keys, of course, are excellent. Keep getting better, too, you ask me.


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