Drinking My Lunch

Home this week, and, looking out a couple weeks, it looks like I will be home through September. That’s fantastic. I like travel, but when I’m on the road a lot it is very difficult to have any kind of routine. Particularly when it comes to food and exercise. Keeping a healthy diet and workout regimen is a challenge. I do okay, and I’ve gotten better at it this year, but it is still difficult. I like to get out and hike, try and hit grocery stores for produce, etc. But sometimes finding a healthy meal is too much of a challenge, and it’s all too easy to just get a pizza delivered.

Before long my mood suffers. My energy plummets. My attitude goes to hell, and I just don’t feel mentally or creatively sharp. Don’t ever underestimate the power of giving your body the proper fuel! And while there are probably those who would argue that that is all just hype, that it’s all a placebo . . . I don’t even care. Whatever it takes to put some spring back in my step, I’m all for it.

So this morning I went to The Good Food Store and dropped $46 on juicing ingredients. Two big, heavy bags full. I’m not talking about one of those juice cleanse things. I’m just talking about a way to get in a ton of nutrients in one blast, every day, so that anything else is just gravy. I feel like my body has been craving it. And while $46 may sound like a lot of money, when you consider that it is five days worth x2 (a glass a day for Julia and I both), it’s reasonable. That’s ten meals. $4.60 per. That isn’t so bad. Don’t fancy coffee drinks cost that much?

When  I got everything sorted and chopped up, then started grinding it through the juicer, the smell was divine. It was as if I’d lit a big stick of “from the garden” incense. My mouth literally started watering. An apple, two grapefruits, a beet the size of a softball, big bundles of kale and chard, topping it off with all the carrots I can fit in . . . deeeeeeelicious. It feels good to be back in the saddle.

Bottoms up!


2 thoughts on “Drinking My Lunch

  1. Ron Scheer

    Had the same problem finding anything healthy to eat until I retired this year. After 4 months of salad for every meal and a daily jolt of low-fat protein, with fruit, I shed 20 pounds. Walking the dog every morning also helps.


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