From Drive by James Sallis:

Jodie’s former ride was a Ford F-150, graceless as a wheelbarrow, dependable as rust and taxes, indestructible as a tank. Brakes that could stop an avalanche cold, engine powerful enough to tow glaciers into place. Bombs fall and wipe out civilization as we know it, two things’ll come up out of the ashes: roaches and F-150s. Thing handled like an ox cart, rattled fillings from teeth and left you permanently saddle sore, but it was a survivor. Got the job done, whatever the job was.

Saw the movie first and liked it. Read the book today and loved it; thought it crushed the movie, even though it makes me want to see it again. This thing is lean, stripped-down perfection. One of the best examples of the form yet, in my opinion.

And a paean to the F-150? makes me feel all heart-warmed by the rattle bucket sitting out in my driveway right now, collecting icicles and rust spots, ready to be called into duty for the nth time come sunrise. Thing’s been everywhere, man, thing’s been everywhere.

11 thoughts on “Drive”

  1. Been wanting to see the movie, now you’ve got me wanting to read the book. I’ll have to grab me a copy of the Kindle version from Amazon. Sounds like it’d be a good followup to Swierczynski’s FUN & GAMES, which I’m currently reading.

    1. I’m almost jealous of you getting to experience that Swierczy book for the first time just now. I have the follow-up looming in the TBR pile. Great stuff. And you’re right — DRIVE will be an excellent follow-up.

      Speaking of which, have you read Swierczy’s THE WHEELMAN?

  2. I loved Drive by Jim Sallis, too. I’m a big fan of his work. Very literate but kick ass. I’ve actually met the guy. He used to host get togethers for writers when he lived in New Orleans. A class act in every way.

  3. Hell of a memorable paragraph, Really loved the book and while the movie did its own thing, it did it well.
    F150s wobbling across the roach infested post-apocalyptic landscape…there’s a story in there.

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