>Earth Day Unplugged

>Still doing the unplugged thing in the evenings this week. Here are last night’s inane ramblings; and you probably don’t need to be reminded to click the picture to see it BIG.

This is my bike helmet. Nutcase makes a bunch of awesome ones.

I like it because it looks like something a superhero might wear. Julia says I should wear a cape with it. I think I need to get some lycra instead.

2 thoughts on “>Earth Day Unplugged”

  1. >Hey, thanks for sharing your journal. I always admire people who do drawings in their journals. Yours aren’t that bad!I don’t know about practice. I did a few group rituals back in my early explorations (SF, late ’80s, early ’90s), but now I’m inclined to think Earth is the best priest/priestess. And books, maybe.

  2. >Thanks!Yeah, it is hard for me to picture being in a “group” of much of anything, really. Books are good, but the best ones aren’t really even about “practice” or anything like that.

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