>I wrote the feature article in this week’s Independent, a piece called Encore. It’s about my friend Hank’s obsession with Travis Bean Guitars. It turned out pretty well, but it was a lot of work.

He and a couple other folks — Bruce and Toni from Salty Snack Studios — are filming a documentary. All in all there was just a ton of info, and a multitude of directions it could have gone. I’m hoping to move some of these other elements into pieces at some of the guitar mags; Vintage Guitar in particular. It’s just a great story.

Had some great input from some people. Steve Albini was gracious with his time, as was Tim Midgett (formerly of Silkworm and now with Bottomless Pit). Kevin Burkett of Electrical Guitar Company was also a great resource. In fact, my plan was to use the money I was paid for the story as a down payment on having Kevin build me an aluminum bass. As the universe tends to work against me, however, my truck required some work yesterday that amounted to about double what the Indy gig paid. Oh well, some day I’ll be able to have nice things; one of these babies would sure look cool hanging off my belly, you have to admit:

7 thoughts on “>Encore

  1. Rebecca

    >Congratulations! I read your article yesterday. I swear my car does the same thing; it knows when I have some money coming to me, and so it promptly stops working.

  2. Rebecca

    >Ugh, Garth’s comment shames me. I forgot to say I really liked your article. Your writing beautifully communicated the unfolding of the mystery behind Travis Bean’s guitars.


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