Ever Wonder Why So Many Business Travelers – Like Me – Are Lardasses?

I’m about to embark on a span of weekly travel for the next three weeks or so, maybe more. When it comes to work, I don’t book my own stuff; I tell a woman in the office where I need to be and when, and she handles it. Today I received a hotel confirmation (in St. Louis, Missouri), and this is one of their selling points:

We can’t wait to have you as our guest at Drury Hotels, where the Extras Aren’t Extra! Join us for free hot food and cold beverages at the 5:30 Kickback®. Sunday through Thursday, enjoy a rotating menu of chicken strips, egg rolls, hot dogs, charbroiled meatballs and more. Start a great Friday or Saturday night with hot dogs and chili. And every night, you will find baked potatoes, salad, beer, wine and mixed drinks available. There’s something for everyone at Drury’s 5:30 Kickback. Click here for more details.

Mmm, how about that menu? Charbroiled freakin’ meatballs. All-you-can-eat hot dogs. Ugh. No wonder I avoid hotel food. . . .

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    >Hot Dogs! The lunch, diner (and sometimes breakfast) of the working poor.Although traditional condiments simply won't do.Interestingly enough, my word verify is "ponyyip"


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