Final Episode in the Donkeygirl Extravaganza…For Now!

So after all my breathless reporting on Julia’s big date with Glamour Magazine, the penultimate events finally came off. Last Wednesday, Tracey Lomrantz from Glamour appeared on The Today Show, and she did indeed wear the dress she had purchased from Julia. You can watch the video HERE, and Tracey is on the set wearing the dress starting at the 2:00 mark. She doesn’t talk about Julia or Donkeygirl, nor did we expect or even imagine she would, but it’s cool to see it on national television!

Finally, Tracey blogged about Julia on the magazine’s website today. You can check that out right HERE. Here’s a taste:

Ultimately, Julia would love to dress everyone from Venus and Serena Williams to Chloe Sevigny, but for now, she’s still hanging on to her day job. “After the on-line retail is up and running, I’d like to market a separate wholesale line. If not nationally, then regionally,” she tells us. “There are a lot of really great boutiques and very talented designers working in this part of the country. If I could find my niche amongst them, maybe I could make my husband a kept man! I have this fantasy of being able to walk in the door one day and tell him he can quit his job…just to see the look on his face.”

I like that last bit. If you’re wondering about the real reason I’ve been talking about Julia so much lately, you’ll see that it really is actually all about me. Definitely read that article, because Tracey did a great job. I should point out that the two photos that appear there of our friend Autumn modeling new designs were taken by my friend Charles Martin. The portrait of Julia in the fancy coat I took in our kitchen that morning.

You know, Julia and I have talked about this entire episode quite a bit. It’s a big deal for sure, and it has been a lot of fun, but is it as big a deal as all the local media coverage would warrant? Probably not. In a bigger town, it wouldn’t even be a blip, but Missoula being a small community makes it a bigger story than maybe it would be in other places, and that’s cool. Plus so many of us in the arts community are friends, and we get excited for one another. Still, the compelling part of the whole story I think is summed up best in this blog post from Hasalyn Harris, the idea of being “discovered” as an anonymous artist grinding away in the trenches.

I love that her story – gave me, and my magic beans-of-film-festival-hope of a waving kitty of good fortune.

Of course, for things like this to happen, for “the golden ticket” to pay off, requires someone like Tracey Lomrantz using her position of influence to shine a little light on the efforts of people trying — hoping — to get noticed.

So Big Kudos are due Ms. Lomrantz for her efforts. She didn’t have to do any of this, but she did. And whether it pays off in any big way for Julia or not, it is still a fantastic gesture on her part, and I tip my hat to her. There aren’t a lot of people in this type of industry doing this type of thing; my music years of empty promises and bullshit self-aggrandizing from folks in similar positions have left me pretty damn jaded. Tracey Lomrantz restored my faith in people just being cool for cool’s sake, and that’s awesome. Thanks, Tracey. Come back to Montana some time and the first couple rounds are on me!

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