Flash Fiction, or True Crime?

Got the following in an email last week:

The mom was at home asleep, her daughter and daughter’s friend were in the living room watching movies. Out of the corner of their eye, they saw someone in a dark hoodie coming up the walk way. They figured it was grandpa, taking his late night break from his Wal-Mart job. They didn’t pay any attention when he came in the house and stood in the living room. After about 10 minutes, they turned around and saw a big native guy sitting at the kitchen table, eating one of their pieces of pizza! He was really drunk, didn’t even seem to realize where he was, asked if he could use the bathroom.

Then the daughter and her friend went into the mom’s room and woke her up. The mom shut them in her room and went out and told the guy to leave. He wouldn’t leave; she told him she was calling the police. She called them and went in her room with the girls. 20 minutes later the police finally showed up, but the guy had wandered out. The cops looked all over for him but couldn’t find him. They did, however, find 3 other people walking in the neighborhood that had outstanding warrants, and arrested them!

When the mom got up this morning, she discovered the guy had peed on her living room rug. Then at 7am, the cops called her to say they’d found and arrested the man. He’d been so drunk he ended up in the emergency room being treated for alcohol poisoning, and apparently has no recollection of being in her house.

What do you think, true story or fiction?

Actually it’s a true story, and all this went down not half-a-dozen blocks from here. The names and source have been changed to protect the innocent. Kinda funny, really, though I’m sure at the time it was pretty friggin’ scary.

4 thoughts on “Flash Fiction, or True Crime?”

  1. >How very scary!! Thinking of what could have happened scares me more..(Gives me a good short story idea)..I guess someone could find this somewhat funny!!

  2. >Patti, no doubt!All in all, I think "the mom" handled it as well as could be expected. Then again, as someone who knows her, I don't think I'd mess with her.

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