For All Lovers of Movies for Children

In honor of the new movie Puss in Boots, which I haven’t seen (and probably won’t), I’d like to pay tribute to the magnificent Salma Hayek, who does one of the voices in the movie.

Because hiring Salma as a mere voice actor betrays a level of genius that only Hollywood can attain.


8 thoughts on “For All Lovers of Movies for Children”

    1. Wouldn’t it be nice if a woman over 22 who weights over 100 pounds or so could get a role in a non-animated movie? The exceptions are pretty rare anymore, it seems. If I see one more movie where the male lead is 20+ years older than the female lead I’ll probably puke.

  1. I actually saw that movie….pretty good crew of Harvy Kietel, George Clooney and Quentin Tarratino (with Cheech Marin thrown in for good measure)…that dance was probably the highlight of the sex portion of the R rating…

    1. I really liked that movie — it hit on all the perfect “B” movie highlights. It also reminds me of one of my greatest travel atrocities. One night on one of my work trips, I’d already had a delicious meal of pizza and was full. Stuffed, in fact. Shortly thereafter, I was up late watching this movie; I couldn’t sleep, and I’d brought it with me, so what the hell. There’s a scene where they go out for cheap hamburgers, and I just started obsessing because I knew there was an option for me to do the same right next store. And, in a moment of weakness, I paused the movie and went and got some burgers. It was excessive and vulgar . . . downright shameful. No wonder I’m such a fatass.

      But damn, were they good.

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