Freakin’ Scammers

I’ve been absent lately for good reason: I’ve been in the midst of the mayhem of moving. Julia and I had been talking about looking for an opportunity to downsize to save money, and then suddenly an opportunity presented itself and we jumped on it. This all went down somewhere in the middle of January. So we had to pack up one house and move it into another one. Since we went smaller, we had a lot of stuff to get rid of. It’s been backbreaking, but also pretty liberating. Then, once we got moved, it was back to the old place for clean-up, repainting the inside, etc. Which is a TON of work, such that it’s taken pretty much all of our free time. Now it’s all coming down to the wire.

Our old house listed a week ago, though it is scheduled to be unavailable for showing until March 1st. Immediately, though, and this was brought to our attention by our realtor, the scammers were in action. Apparently it’s a fairly common practice for scam artists to find properties listed for sale, then create bogus ads for the properly as being available for rent. In our case, some outfit traceable to South Africa was offering our house via Craigslist for rent for less than probably half of what it could be expected to go for in our area. The idea was that a renter would just send them the deposit ($500) and in return they would get the keys to the place in the mail.

We heard from a couple different sources about the Craigslist ad. We had a family show up while we were there working on it, looking at it as a potential rental. It was heartbreaking; they were clearly hoping it was legit, and the disappointment was visible on their faces when we told them it was a scam. They said they suspected it was, but there was still that glimmer of hope. So it was left to us to burst their bubble.

It never ceases to amaze me the lengths some people will go to just to scam others. It’s disgusting.


11 thoughts on “Freakin’ Scammers

  1. April

    Well at least you were in the area to know what was happening – if you’d moved out of state or something that would be a nightmare. Looking forward to seeing more on your downsized state! 🙂

  2. Patti Abbott

    That is absolutely despicable. We had to get rid of our landline phone this week because all day long we were getting calls trying to get informantion from us for identity theft and other scams. What a world,.

  3. John DuMond

    What David said. Some of the scams I’ve seen are so lame, I’m almost unsympathetic for the victims. This doesn’t make me hate the scammers any less, though. Don’t even have the stones to look their victims in the eye.


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