Friends Who Help Along the Way

Kalin Andrews is a huge inspiration. We’ve actually squared up next to each other in the hot room at yoga a few times, but it wasn’t until Instagram that we actually “met.” The homemade videos she shares to her feed are something to behold. She runs a delicious pizza joint. She’s bold and fun in front of the camera. She works hard at what she does. And I’m pretty stoked how this little collaboration turned out, especially given how experimental it kind of was.

FYI, posture-wise I'm pretty good too at top left and bottom left

FYI, posture-wise I’m pretty good too at top left and bottom left

4 thoughts on “Friends Who Help Along the Way

  1. Lauren

    Great stuff. It’s always fun to find a kindred spirit. Coincidentally, those are the two poses I can do, too!

    1. Chris Post author

      I know what you mean. I’m not even close on most of the postures I’ve been practicing for over a year. It’s improvement by the barest of millimeters at a time.


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