Get eBeat to a Pulp

The first collection from Beat to a Pulp, Round One, is now available as a Kindle book. For those of you of the electronic reader persuasion, I highly urge you to pick it up, and not just because David and Elaine at BTAP were the first editors to publish one of my stories via their online Weekly Punch. This book really is a great collection of stories that are all over the map in content and consistently awesome in quality. Hell, you can say that about the webzine as well.

I bought it, even though I have the print edition as well. As I’ve stated before, I like reading short stories on my phone, which is my only means for accessing Kindle stuff, and this is perfect for that. I’ve been slowly pecking away at the stories in the book, but I’ll probably finish it up off my phone.

So to reiterate: Kindle people, buy it HERE.

While you’re at it, you may as well snag a copy of the print edition as well, since it will look so awesome on your shelf. Get that HERE.

See how easy that was?

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