Get It While It’s Hot

So the print version of Noir at the Bar is finally available! You can buy it here!

What is this, you ask? Well this is a collection of stories from writers who have participated in the Noir@Bar events in St. Louis, MO, which I was fortunate enough to do last Fall. I had a great time, and when the idea was floated that a book be put together and sold to benefit the local indy store that has been such a backbone for these events, Subterranean Books, I was all in.

My story is “Vampires are Pussies.” It is kind of a pulp superhero story I wrote specifically for this collection. I’ve written a novel I’m reworking that features the main character, and I’m thinking of writing a couple more stories with him as well. We’ll see. It’s a bit different from the other stuff, I’m sure, and I don’t really even remember how good it is . . . but that shouldn’t stop you from buying the damn book! It’s for a good cause, after all, and this sucker is chock full of great writers and fun stories.





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